Trips For 2018

MUST offers trips to all levels and types of riders, from beginners to pros, social to competitive! Click/tap on the trips listed below for more information!

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All MUST members who sign up for any of our trips must act in accordance with our MUST Trips T&C 2016

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A Snapshot

MUST gives you the opportunity to visit some of the best snowboarding mountains in Australia. In 2010, a group of 40 MUST members travelled up to Mount Hotham on a 5 Day trip. As soon as the bus arrived at the top of the mountain, everyone jumped out and hit the slopes for a quick afternoon board.

Throughout the trip, people experienced the adrenalin and excitement that snowboarding brings. Catching the lift up to the top of a run, eagerly looking down upon other skiers and snowboarders. Then once at the top; clipping in their boots and sliding down the mountain for a days boarding.


Even when your legs get tired and back gets sore, you are surrounded by other keen and encouraging snowboarders that will help you to keep going. The MUST members are a mix of beginners who have just started out on the snow, learning what it is all about and those who have been attacking double blacks for years. MUST is committed to teaching and supporting you throughout your trips up to the snow and you will be sure to come back having learnt something new, whether it is perfecting your S-Turn or new tricks at the rail park.

thegenBesides hitting the fresh powder each morning, the MUST snow trips are designed to help you meet new people who share the same passion of snowboarding as you do. Whether it is meeting others for a bite to eat back at the lodge at lunchtime after a morning boarding session, or sharing the days events at the dinner table at night, you will be sure to create strong relationships with the people you share this experience with.

Each night at the lodge there are organised themes and activities for all to be involved in. In 2010, MUST members dressed in Formula 1 attire and after a session of games back at the lodge, headed to the local pub where we listened to live music and hit the dance floor.

On a MUST trip, you will wake to the view of the snow covered mountains outside of your window and you’ll be out of bed in seconds (waking everyone up around you) to head straight out to make the first tracks on the fresh powdered runs of the day.

This is just a small snap shot of what you are to expect of the Melbourne University Snowboard Team’s snow trips. Come and join us, and experience all that the snow can offer, fun, friendship and fresh boarding.


Day Trips

Unfortunately, not all of us have the time to take an extended trip to New Zealand or a weekend trip to the local mountains. That’s where the rest of our members can step up and help each other out. We encourage all MUST members who plan on making day trips to the snow to post on our facebook group if they have seats free in their car and can take other members with them. Not only will this aid the social side of the club, it also means you can cut your costs by splitting petrol and resort entry fees! But more importantly, a whole season without a single day on the snow is far too brutal punishment for anyone. Help a brother/sister out.