MUST is a fun and carefree club that accepts people of all ages and snowboarding levels. The club organises social events and activities to help create relationships between all members. These social events give members the opportunity to meet new people and develop new relationships.


The club runs a number of social events. In 2010, MUST organised a trip to Sorrento for a weekend in March, where a group of 20 members camped at the beach, enjoying the sound of the waves crashing and the sun setting. Over the weekend, we carpooled to the back beach where we enjoyed some sunbaking and beach cricket, and where we jumped off the rocks into the deep blue water. We had drinks at the Sorrento Pub at lunchtime and shared gelato in the afternoon. Pizzas and fish and chips were ordered for dinner and we sat around chatting and playing games. Once the sun had set, we all made our way to the various pubs in Sorrento and danced to the music being played by the local DJ. By the end of the weekend everyone had gotten to know each other and we were ready for the MUST year to begin.

Throughout the year, MUST organises snowboarding BBQs and pub nights for all to attend. These casual events are to cement bonds between people and to talk about possible snow trips coming up in the year. Free sausages and drinks are provided at the BBQs and drinks are paid for at pub nights. These events encourage our members to be involved in trips throughout the year and help people feel comfortable at the University of Melbourne, as friends are created through the club.

At this stage some of the events listed below are provisional only. They will be updated when they are confirmed. Keep your eye on our Facebook Page and on this space for updated information on social events. If you have any questions regarding our social calendar, please contact our Social Reps at



2018 Social Events



Extreme Sports Pub Crawl

Date: TBA
Location: Multiple Establishments around the Parkville area


This year, in good tradition, MUST, MU Surfriders, MUSKI, MUWWT, and other Extreme Sports Clubs are joining to tour our finest local establishments, bask in the stella drink deals we’ve secured and ascertain exactly which extreme sports club at the University of Melbourne goes the hardest.

Don’t forget your ID and jaffy-level eagerness to froth.


Dates: TBA
Location: TBA

Sick of introductory lectures, studying and the LMS already? Why not take off for the weekend with a bus load of likeminded snow bums for a bit of sun, surf and inebriation. This year MUST brings you the perfect chance to ditch uni and get to know your fellow MUSTies before hitting the slopes this winter.

Semester 1 Booze Cruise

Date: TBA
Cost: TBA

More info to come soon…



Snow Ball

Date: TBA
Cost: TBA

What’s included:

  • Unlimited Canapé Style Food
  • Unlimited drinks including:
    –Vodka (including Red Bull)
    –Sparkling and Wine
    –Soft drink
    ***All other drinks available at discounted prices***

Ticket sales are now open! To grab yours, just transfer your to the MUST account (details below). Be sure to send a copy of your transaction details via facebook and please include your name and mobile number (snowball tickets are not valid unless they have a phone number).

Details about where you can pick your tickets up from or buy in person will be noted on the Facebook Event Page.

Sure to be a wild night!

Account name: Melbourne Uni Snowboard Team
Account number: 10124861
BSB: 063238
Description: [your last name]-Snowball

To mark the end of the season the collective of all Victorian University Snow Clubs humbly bring you the event of the year: SNOWBALL! This year we bring you snowball with a twist. Snowball – Dia de Muertos (Day of the Dead). The day of the dead can be traced back to the Aztecs who used the festival to celebrate what was lost. What better way to commiserate the end of the season than the biggest celebration you can give it?!
Bringing all university snow clubs together for one incredibly unforgettable night, this end of season party is never to be missed. We welcome all snow-loving humans to gather for one last night to give this season the proper send off it deserves!

Check out the 2015 event here:

MUST Go to Rev’s!

Date: TBA
Location: Do you really need to ask?

Cause who doesn’t love a good Rev’s sesh?
Attendance is compulsory for all MUST Members. Just Kidding. But seriously…
Details to come.

MUST Event Calendar

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We are looking forward to getting to know you!

Come and meet new people and join the fun!

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