About Us

Arguably the greatest club on campus, MUST has been bringing glory to each and every one of its members since its origins in 1994. Our philosophy is simple, ride like you haven’t been out partying till 6AM that morning and party like you don’t have to get up till sunset the next day for another round.vicivs

It started with the emergence of Snowboarding in Australia. As snowboards hit the slopes, a group of keen snowboarders, having tried the sport in Canada, wanted to promote snowboarding in Australia. Since the inception of MUST, the club has grown into one of the largest clubs on campus with over 300 members annually. We aim to offer benefits to each member, and to provide a community atmosphere for members to experience the fun of snowboarding.


MUST isn’t just fun and games, however, we’re also about WINNING. In 2010, on our way back to Melbourne from the National Australian University Championship Snow Sports, the bus was a lot heavier since we were carrying 6 out of the 9 trophies available in the competition, riding against the best and brightest boarders from universities across Australia. As overall winners, we beat the likes of MONASH (by heaps), Sydney Uni and Macquarie Uni which we’ve done numerous times in the past and will continue to do indefinitely.

At the University of Melbourne we take our sport seriously, and that’s why at every competition we ride hard and fast, value each one of our members and take the time to get to know everyone (some more than others) at our insane parties and pub nights. It’s not about train or die, it’s about meeting people, having fun and snagging some trophies on the way. With all our social events and trips to the snow, you’ll feel like part of the team in no time; it doesn’t matter if you’re the ultimate beginner or seasoned pro. Our members are happy to give you some tips and advice about riding, and feel free to ask us anything or lend us your ideas for improving the club.

Members benefit from our own Equipment Hire Service that has seen a significant improvement in quality gear recently. We have boards, boots, wrist guards and helmets for all sizes and levels of riders, and offer a reliable, cheap service to members. For rates, please see the Hire Gear page.


MUST Committee for 2018


Executive Committee

Izzy Finn

Ryan O’Donohue
Vice President

Elle Linsdell
Publications Manager

Tom Proctor
IT Manager


General Committee

Nathan Thaipun
Trips Coordinator

Katie Fenner
Trips Coordinator

Cal Thomas
Social Rep

Erin Bourke
Social Rep

Jeremy Doupe
Racing Rep

Issy Hogan
Racing Rep

Pat Rogers
Hire Manager

Ollie Morand
Publications Manager