New Committee for 2016

MUST would like to welcome our new committee for 2016, comprising of both old and new faces. Our committee this year will strive to ensure that 2016 will be a memorable one for all members, with awesome trips, a great social vibe and good times all around.

This years committee:

President: Brooke Dunleavy
VP: Chrisy Richardson
Secretary: Nicola Fleming
Treasurer: George Nicholas

Racing: Clara Toohey and Chrisy Richardson
Trips: Ryan O’Donoghue and Jaden Devine
Hire Manager: Jaden Devine and Ashley Curtis
Social: Emily Bourke and Paul Kony
Chief Utensil and Nutrition Technician: Paul Kony
I.T: Tom Proctor
Publications: Izzy Finn
General Committee: Jasmine Wright, Jack Powell, Cal Thomas, Sam Siggins, Emily Seeley, Sophie Ellis, Phoebe Ulrick